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Re: 2005 Album "Penguins in the Desert"
"Dave Whittle has managed to write, perform and produce a gem of an album that is thoughtful, innovative and a pleasure to listen to"

Dr.Phil Hammond  T.V. & media personality

"Overall for me 7/10 - a strong album of life book songs, delivered expressively and with some emotion. Production values are good but a little dated in parts. The album song order felt right & flowed well. I would have liked a couple of piano versions of two/three of the songs to break the pace/similarity. Still feel, given the quality of the songs/musicianship that you should do some stripped down acoustic/string versions of these, with a live feel."

David Harling (one half of "The Boy Tate" and also songwriter with a pedigree that includes a top 10 chart hit)

Re: 1998 Album 'Bending The Rules' by The Thursday Night Club
"Ooh this is one for the ladies..."   "If you like Daryl Hall (of Hall & Oates) then you'll like this"
"There is a distinct quirkiness and this combined with the trumpets markets this band directly at an older audience"

July 2000 issue of M.I.C. (Music Industry Connections)

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